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    Drug rehab centers (Wednesday, 16 May 2012 07:46)

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    Carmen E Diaz (Monday, 02 April 2012 11:31)

    Dios los Bendiga: soy de Puerto Rico estoy facinada con este evento y con el favor de Dios y que el me habra las puertas para hir.

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    Annette Holmes (Friday, 08 April 2011)

    Elias Worship Dance Ministry (Created For Worship)

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    Natacha Calixte (Wednesday, 30 March 2011 14:20)

    My name is Sister Natacha, Higher Ground Worshipers Ministry Manager. I receive this email about the upcoming event, I must say last year I attended to the CMAF in Fort Pierce I was truly Bless and the conference change these young man life. They have a different view about the reason of the dance ministry, before they used to call them self a performer, but after attend the two days conference they walk away as a minister. What they receive from the conference they immediately put it to use, they plant the seed everywhere they minister, they work with different groups and we praise God for His glory.

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    Mime 4 Christ! (Sunday, 30 January 2011 01:35)

    We can't wait to get to this event. I have heard so many wonderful things that I am so excitied to bring our mime ministry. Knowing that we will gain more training and dance is such a joy. I always looked for a true conference that is really educating the arts in the natural as well as the spirit. Hope to see you all soon. Thank u minister Ranjit for sending us this information via email.

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    bmh2010 (Saturday, 16 October 2010 12:52)

    Macht Spass hier zu schauen.
    Gruß aus Deutschland

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    English Cocker Spaniel (Wednesday, 06 October 2010 13:29)

    Great website!

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    PATRICIA WILLIAMS (Monday, 31 May 2010 05:56)

    Blessing Sis LaVivian what a pleasure speaking with you, Chosen on the Move we would like to thank you for sharing the vision,Our goal and Mission statement and vision has been "A Vision to Restore Dance back to the Originator! "GOD"
    We look forward to an awesome growing and learning experience!

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    RJM Ministries (Sunday, 10 January 2010 21:24)

    Many Many Blessings on you!

    I have truly enjoyed coming for the past 2 just keeps getting better and better. I know that God is going to continue to bless this ministry as you all continue to build up the Body of Christ through the arts ministry.

    Much Love,
    Proph Jessica Martin

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    Minister Jason Edmond (Thursday, 18 June 2009 12:31)

    World Harvest Family, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the love, support, kindness and hospitality you've once again shown me and for that I'm extremely grateful.

    The commitment to the vision that God has placed on your lives was remarkable. The humility of your musicians and staff was awesome. To see the young people worshiping God through their gifts and talents is always a humbling experience and a reminder to me that the enemy doesn't have control or the final say so of the lives of our children. He's a nut and he has no authority............know that!

    To the young people from all over, remember that the gift you have access to, it doesn't belong to you but to God. It's a gift that he has loaned you because he wants to see what you can do with it. Always focus on giving the glory to God in all that you do. So many times people focus on the gift and not the glory. But you have a chance to make the difference. So I encourage you to PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT.

    I do count it as a privilege to lead the body of Christ into praise and worship. I ask that you continue to pray for me as I minister all over this world that the world will worship our King through me and my ministry and that souls will be drawn to the Kingdom of Heaven with the gift of song with an anointing so powerful that the kings and queens will come off of their thrones to bow down and worship God.

    It doesn't matter where I may be in this world, just know that I'm always a phone call away. God bless you!!!!!!!!!

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    Mrs. Brown (Wednesday, 17 June 2009 00:21)

    I really enjoyed this convention. It was uplifting, inspirational and it truly gave me a refreshing in my walk with God. I have truly learned the meaning of the arts as it pertain to ministry. Thank you World Harvest Eagle Ministry, Apostle Wanda Tommie and Lavivian. See you in 2010!:)

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    Shammah Sabaoth (Friday, 12 June 2009 15:04)

    Wow!!! there are no words to express what we are live this past weekend, we would like to thank Lavivian and all her team for the awesome, warm, homelike feeling, love they show us, we feel as part of the family. Thanks for choosing us to be there, thanks to all the teams for the humble and lovely way that you all have for each other and us. This has been an experience that has change our lives, so next year if you invite us count us in because we will be there. Again Thanks and hope to see you all soon.

    With Love;
    Shammah Sabaoth
    Puerto Rico

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    Spirit of the Moment - Yolanda Rountree (Thursday, 11 June 2009 08:38)

    All I can say is WOW!!
    Thank you so much for inviting Spirit of the Moment to be a part of your wonderful event. Till this day, we do not know how we were selected to be one of America’s Top Ten Ministries but we are thankful that we were.

    This by far, has been one of the best events we have attended. Everyone was on one accord and that was to praise God’s name through the arts. The workshops were wonderful and the anointing was at an all time high. God is truly blessing Spirit of the Moment because only He would have known how much this event was going to bless us and help take us to the next level.

    Again, Lavivian, thank you for reaching out to us. Thank you for keeping me on the phone and fellowshipping with me. Thank you for explaining why your event is so important. If God’s willing and if we are invited next year, we will be there in full force.

    Blessings and Regards,

    Yolanda Rountree
    Spirit of the Moment

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    Sonji Patterson (Wednesday, 10 June 2009 22:54)


    Words cannot express my gratefulness that you allowed God to use you to have
    this conference. It was great and I hated that it ended so fast.

    I could write you a grand, wordy letter to tell you how I enjoyed it but i
    won't. You all have a wonderful spirit of hospitality and love and it showed
    through out the weekend.

    I pray that we can stay in touch because I believe that we need each other and I
    can definitely use a really ministered to our team this past
    weekend and we are working hard to make the changes and grow from what we learned.
    (My personal testimony is that your team made me feel more comfortable about dancing)

    Thank you again for everything and remember that you are invited to our
    conference in January. All you have to do is get here. If your team cant make
    it, you most certainly have to come.

    Love you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    God Bless,

    Sonji Patterson

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    Karmel Pope of N' Him We Move (Tuesday, 09 June 2009 21:21)

    To Minister Lavivian Henmy and the entire Gathering of the Ministering Arts team,

    As a member of N' Him We Move, from Huntsville, AL I want to say a personal thank you for the conference you guys worked hard to put together. God did much in our ministry through your conference and I thank you for your obedience to the Lord. Your entire team had great attitudes when you could have easily done the opposite, you showed great love when you could have easily said "forget it!", you answered questions with patience, and you were willing to go out of your way to help. Thank you again and again for how you loved me and treated me even when I didn't seem so lovely. I am praying God's great blessings on your future endeavors and I encourage you to call upon us when you may need us. Establishing friendships in the ministry is a good thing!

    With A Grateful Heart,

    Karmel Pope
    N' Him We Move

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    Anonimous (Tuesday, 09 June 2009)

    I enjoyed the Gathering of the Ministering Arts From the Nations 2009 Convention. THe Legends of Dance Ministry was my favorite night. I really liked the performance from the group from Puerto Rico "Shammah Sabaoth". They danced with so much passion and grace. It really lead me to give my life back to the Lord. And Friday night when I saw Apostle Hairston dancing! She dances totally different from what I've seen before. When she prayed for me chills went through my hold body. I cried the entire night. Thank you Mrs, Lavivian and the World Harvest Family. I will see you next year!

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    Larry (Love) Jones (Tuesday, 09 June 2009 03:27)

    I had the most awesome time at this event. All the groups were Awesome! They dance with so much passion and grace. especially Antioch Mime Ministry. Their performance was Off-The-Chain, the moves were so on point. And they choose the right principal dancer to lead their performance. I dont mean to offend anybody but I just really liked the Antioch Mime group. I hope to see them as a Top Ten Dance Ministry for next year. I even brought a shirt just so that I can have proof that I went to "America's Top Ten Dance Awards Showcase", featuring dance ministries from all over the world.

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    Antioch Mime (Tuesday, 09 June 2009 03:16)


    I would count it Robbery if I did not send this e-mail to you ALL!

    The Convention was AWESOME!!!!!
    Words could not express the time we had in Ft Pierce with World Harvest Ministries. We brought 43 members from our church youth ministry and everyone said "We have to go back next year."

    You all made us REALLY feel WELCOME! from the time we arrived Thursday night with the Registration, then the workshops etc...etc...etc...And Saturday nights BIG BANG!!!!!Everyone we came in contact with had such a sweet spirit about them. The Teachers, the host and hostesses, The crew at the Sunrise Theatre and Even the ones that had to tell our groups to keep the noise down in the hallways during the workshops!!!!

    I am so blown away with the amount of Talent and Wisdom that represent in this Workshop. We have obtained a lot of ideas to bring back to our ministries at home and to maybe even begin many more.

    We enjoyed the opportunity to fellowship with different ministries and to see what the BODY of Christ is doing in his Kingdom....

    A special thank you to Tasha who had to go back to the church to retrieve our CD for our rehearsal at the Sunrise Center

    Once again I say to all involved in making this Convention a Blessing to our Ministry. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR VISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anytime you need us, Please give us a call, It would be our pleasure to fellowship with you all again

    Yours In Christ
    Tammy Amerson, Director
    Antioch Mime Ministry
    Pompano Bch, Fl

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    Partakers Dance Ministry (Tuesday, 09 June 2009 03:15)

    hi Mrs Lavivian , I just want to thank you again for choosing partakers dance ministry to be a part of your great and wonderful inspirational
    weekend. We were blessed and was over whelm to see the different dancers performing, this just keep on reminding me dancing is not just a show but it is another form of worship. I know for sure the lord has blessed you tremendously and will continue to do so. Again thank you and hope to see you and be a part of your ministry.
    P.S. how can I get a copy of the concert?
    say hi to all of those who helped you to make top ten ministry a success

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    Casey Eggleston (Tuesday, 09 June 2009 03:13)

    On Behalf of our Force Youth Ministry of New Birth Ministries, our pastors Drs. Robert & Janice Turner, and Youth Pastor Casey Eggleston we would like to thank you again for all of your hospitality you gave us while we were attending the CMAC convention. Our youth had a wonderful time. We were truly honored, blessed, and privilege to be apart of this convention.

    We will begin plans now so we can stay until Monday after the Sunday service for next year.
    Please keep our youth group in prayer and thanks for adopting our youth. We love you all and pray God strength and that God replenish you all this day for all of the service that you render toward the saints. Know that God does not forget your labor of Love.

    We need you all, honor you all, and appreciate you all. We will be keeping you all in prayer, staying in touch and looking forward to seeing you next year. Who knows we may see you before then. My pastor and I are looking at contacting you all and having Dr. Apostle Wanda Tommie and the World Harvest Eagle Ministries to come to Florence one dayvery soon. We would love to have some "CHURCH" together with you all.(LOL) Dr. Apostle Wanda Tommie, you would love our pastors. They like to have church like you do.


    We love you all,

    Minister Casey Eggleston
    Force Youth Ministry
    of New Birth Ministries
    225 South Spurr Street
    Florence, Al 35630

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    Pastor Tammy (Friday, 08 May 2009 21:05)

    I can't wait for the convention! I went last year and it was and awesome time. I commend Mrs Lavivian for all the work she does. Especially during her trying time on last year with her husband. She taught me how to keep pressing forward even when trails are at there greatest. keep up the good work.

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    Elise Irizarry (Wednesday, 29 April 2009 11:50)

    This conference will be a blessing for all who attend. Thank you for all your hard work. Many blessing are heading your way.

    Elise Irizarry
    VCI Dance Art Director

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    Minister Mike (Friday, 24 April 2009 18:08)

    Hello everyone, thanks for the invite. I look forward to possible joinging you at this event.

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    The Joy of Dance! (Wednesday, 22 April 2009 23:04)

    I am so excitied about what the Lord is doing in Florida. Usually I would have to go up North to find a excellent event for me and my staff. Thank God I linked up to this website. See you in June!

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    Nicola (Tuesday, 17 March 2009 16:41)

    I am SO excited about this coference! Everytime I see the dancers from World Harvest I am truly blessed. I know that the kingdom of God will be advanced as ministers come together to develop their skills and encourage one another to press forward in ministry. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

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    Minister of Dance (Thursday, 05 March 2009 19:30)

    I would like to meet the director of this event they are truly a visionary. It is so exciting to see people doing kingdom work and not promoting themselves are just having a normal conference. I just want to say thank you! I will be attending ewith my group of 25 dancers.
    Blessing Mrs, Joyce L. King (SouthBend, Indiana)

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    nesha (Thursday, 05 March 2009 18:20)

    nice page